Too Many Days Without Rain

It has been a real challenge for us over the last few weeks. The soil is very dry. It’s impossible to stick a shovel in it. No matter how much work I did in my garden, all that careful sowing could be in vain if the soil is dry. Water is very important to plant growth and is taken up through the roots from the soil. Too little water will not let plant roots grow deep. Unfortunately, there isn’t a plant that I can just simply put into the ground and leave to grown on its own. It was quite difficult to plant seeds and bulbs in this dry soil, so I had to water the soil thoroughly and to wait a day before planting. I did give a gentle watering after having finished planting the seeds and bulbs. Seeds need a healthy soil, sunlight and water to become healthy and strong plants. This past weeks we had some very windy weather too, which dries out soil. I water my flowers by hand, soaking them thoroughly one time each day. Plants and gardens need the rain. No rain, no planting. Nothing would be better than a long-duration rain that will nourish the plants. Let it rain!

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